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Don Dawson has been trading the futures markets since 1987. His perseverance through the ups and downs of trading, openness to experience of others, balanced tolerance for risk, and patience to wait for his setups are a few of his strengths as a trader.

He continues to trade his personal Futures accounts while instructing Futures classes for Online Trading Academy. His teaching method has been referred to as "down to earth". He understands the student's need for a structured environment in the early stages of their trading education. As an Instructor, he uses humor to convey information in an accessible way.

He is excited about sharing his passion for trading with others. A quote he likes is, "A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle." He believes that the best teacher is a student – always in learning mode and wanting to learn more by teaching. He looks forward to working with each of you in one of his classes. He also writes Commodity Futures articles for Online Trading Academy's free newsletter "Lessons From the Pros" where students can enhance their knowledge with his resourceful content.

Lessons From The Pros Power Trader Nation Instructor Excellence Award


  • Founder of Majestic Futures


  • Canadian Markets
  • Singapore Markets
  • US Markets


  • Commodities
  • Futures


  • Series 3 license (since 1990)
  • Registered Commodity Trading Advisor with the National Futures Association (since 1990)
  • Guest speaker at Johns Hopkins University on Technical Analysis of the Futures Market and on Multiple Business Radio Shows around the country
  • Power Trading Radio guest
  • Presented for the Singapore Mercantile Futures Exchange


  • Virginia, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Don Dawson has an excellent knowledge of futures market.”

, November 2015

“Don Dawson does an incredible job taking years of experience and giving us the gold nuggets of the futures market. He is very knowledgeable, always answers any questions, and truly wants us to succeed as traders. He gave us tons of resources to learn more after taking the class as well, so we have plenty of direction moving forward.”

, September 2015

“The Online Trading Academy has opened up a brand new door of opportunity for me! He did a great job. He handled a large class with a lot of very anxious traders, who had endless questions! He was very clear, professional, and had a good sense of humor too!”

, August 2015

“Don Dawson is an excellent instructor and he opened my eyes to a new market with new opportunities of how to trade them. His insights and past experiences were a valuable asset to listen to and learn from.”

, July 2015

“This program has been an extremely positive influence in my life and future. The further I continue with this program, the more I am convinced about the value of the program. I am excited to continue what I have learned thus far and will continue to share the value of the program in order to help others to enjoy the same opportunity OTA has given me. Thank you again for this opportunity.”

, July 2015

“Don is excellent in time, class, and course management. He has complete mastery of the entire futures course. He delivers his lectures and answers questions with precision. I have now gained a good foundation of knowledge on Futures trading to build on from this class.”

, July 2015
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