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David Warner grew up a stone’s throw from New York’s financial district, and knew from an early age he wanted to become a trader. He started trading in 2004 and joined a stock trading club in college, leading to what he calls a “healthy obsession” with the financial markets.

David developed a focused and disciplined attitude in the Air Force, where he was not only the most awarded Airman on his base but also a trainer and educator. After leaving the service he became a broker at a Forex broker, where he managed relationships with top-level clients and institutions. He joined us as an Education Counselor in 2013, and swiftly distinguished himself for his ability to match students’ needs with their learning opportunities.

All of David’s experience came into play when he became an Online Trading Academy instructor. He believes that wealth is a mindset that can be taught, along with the skills to think and trade like a bank and financial institution.


  • Bachelors in Finance, McMurry University, first in class, winner of first ever University Business Excellence Award
  • Staff Sergeant, Education and Training Manager, United States Air Force
  • Institutional Broker, winner of global “Top Broker” Award
  • Education Counselor, Online Trading Academy


  • US Markets


  • Forex
  • Graduate Programs


  • Held NFA Series 3 and Series 34 Licenses


Texas, USA

What Students Are Saying

“David has been the best instructor to help me understand Forex and where to find the information. I was able to go home and duplicate what I learned! ”

, May 2017

“Forex may not be for everyone, but anyone can trade it if following the great, structured system that David teaches. I feel confident that I will be successful in trading Forex by applying the knowledge acquired in his class. David is very knowledgeable and passionate about his "trade" (pun intended:-). His system is exceptional and easy to understand and follow, and his teaching manner is engaging and conducive to learning! Thank you! Thank you!”

, May 2017

“I am from the Atlanta Online Trading Academy, and everyone in the Charlotte campus made me feel welcome. I have been watching David Warner's "XLTs" and "Hour with the Pros" for a little over a year due to the recommendation of my forex instructor. David's approach to the currency market has made my trading more consistent with lower risk and greater reward. The way he explains has given me a clearer understanding of supply and demand. I figured if I am getting such great knowledge in about an hour of his time, a full week will definitely take me to a new level of trading that I have been striving for recently. He is a GREAT instructor!!!! I learned so much this past week in forex. I am an avid reader and have looked for the information he taught for years of trading even before becoming a student. He broke down a plethora of information that hedge funds and banks use to have an edge. The five hour journey was definitely worth it and I will definitely attend another one of his classes in the next few months to keep things fresh, be it closer to Atlanta or the campus in Dubai. The information was that powerful!!! As I am starting to take my trading to a more professional level and this has given me that!!! Anyways, no words can express the GREATNESS that David Warner is!!! David is walking greatness!!! I am going to schedule two more classes before the end of the year!!! Thanks for all you guys do and have done to make me a great trader!!!”

, May 2017

“David's Forex class has been an incredible learning experience. He is an awesome instructor!!!! I came into the class as a novice, and now I have a much better understanding of how the Forex market works along with specific strategies to apply to make more knowledgeable decisions as a trader. The additional resources David provided will be extremely helpful in my trading plans. David's examples and perspectives provide an invaluable way to learn to think like a professional trader. Thank you, David!”

, April 2017

“David's teaching method, passion for the subject matter and insider tips of how the FX market really works is incredible. I am encouraging all OTA students I know to seek David out.”

, April 2017

“David Warner is a great teacher. He listens to the students and responds to questions. His experience in FOREX is apparent and he was interested enough in the students to expand our knowledge with what he has learned, and his handouts were exceptional. He used the text as a supplement.”

, April 2017

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