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David Fong has been trading since 2000, but didn’t come to Online Trading Academy until 2012. He describes that discovery as “a giant leap” in his knowledge and after studying several asset classes he decided to become an Online Trading Academy Instructor.

David loves giving back to the community as a volunteer, so teaching is a natural choice for him. He is always trying to learn more about a topic so that he can teach it even better and help students achieve their own financial goals.


  • Bachelors of Applied Science in Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo
  • Senior Lead Program Manager at Microsoft, where he was awarded 8 patents


  • US Markets


  • Options
  • Stocks


  • Speaks English, French, Cantonese and Mandarin


  • Seattle, USA

What Students Are Saying

“I highly recommend the Pro-Trader Program to novice traders to give them the solid foundation they need before starting their trading career. I must say, OTA is the best place to go to learn trading. The staff and instructors are awesome, special mention to David Fong for his awesome and great teaching abilities and also for his patience in answering all questions in the class. Thank you, OTA and thank you, David!”

, February 2017

“David was great and patient with his students. I like the way he started firstly by understanding how everyone learns and using that throughout his lessons. I look forward, because of him, to getting further into my trading education. Thanks David!!!”

, February 2017

“David Fong knows his stuff and is able to communicate and teach it clearly. He's patient with those who are slower than most of the students and accommodating to those who feel they want to race ahead of the class or persistently play devil's advocate. He is unflappable and very pleasant.”

, January 2017

“David Fong is an exceptional instructor. He was Professional, knowledgeable, patient and helpful. What more could you ask for? It was obvious he cared that his students were successful. On the very first day he looked at me with enthusiasm and said "You Can Do it". I will picture that exact expression whenever I am discouraged, (thank you for that). There were a lot of questions asked throughout the course and all were treated as good questions.”

, January 2017

“David was clear, knowledgeable and had a great rapport with all the students. He managed to hold to time frames, course content was delivered in a way that I could follow and understand his point. His use of humour was appropriate, his respect for each individual was apparent and his delivery was well-paced and compelling. Eight hours flew by!”

, January 2017

“I love to learn from someone who is an expert in his field. David Fong certainly demonstrated his expertise throughout the course. It is one thing to be an expert professional in a chosen field and it is quite another to be able to teach - David Fong is also an excellent teacher and I would be happy to take another course from him.”

, December 2016
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