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Damontre 'Tre' Owens is a renaissance man who juggles careers running a successful business, managing his kids’ professional acting careers, active church ministry and coaching youth basketball as well as teaching. But he gives full focus to his students because he states, “I love Online Trading Academy’s dedication to the students by giving them quality instructors, resources and the lifetime commitment to educate them to become the best they can be.”

Tre had managed his own stock portfolio beginning in 2000, but became an active trader after coming to Online Trading Academy in Los Angeles in 2011. His energy, analogies and real life business experiences give his students a priceless perspective on trading and investing. He believes true prosperity is gauged by being a faithful and wise steward of family, knowledge, possessions and finances.

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  • Real Estate Investor
  • Started successful home services company in Baltimore in 2000; has run it remotely from Los Angeles since 2005


  • US Markets


  • Stocks


  • Mastermind Community Member
  • Online Trading Academy Platinum Passport holder
  • Married to high school sweetheart; father of five


California, USA

What Students Are Saying

“I am so pleased to have had Tre Owens as an instructor. His teaching style has been great and has allowed me to truly understand and comprehend the material as it is presented. In addition, I believe he honestly and sincerely wants everyone to be able to learn the material and succeed as a trader. I would certainly look forward to taking other courses with Tre.”

, August 2017

“Damontre Owens has been a fantastic teacher to learn from. He keeps things light and positive and the class appreciates his patience.”

, August 2017

“The class was great! Too much information in too short period, but very valuable information. The instructor was knowledgeable, energetic and passionate. The instructor utilized different tools to encourage students' learning experiences. The class provided active interaction with students and instructor. Food was good too. After the class, you will feel like you are already in the winner's circle. Thank you.”

, July 2017

“Tre Owens is a phenomenal teacher. He's passionate about trading and it shows. I was able to learn so much from his example.”

, July 2017

“I thoroughly enjoyed my Core Strategy class. Our instructor, Damontre, is great at engaging the students and explaining OTA's strategy in a way that is simple for someone who hasn't had previous trading experience to understand!”

, July 2017

“OTA is great. They have so many resources, and Damontre Owens, the trader that taught me Core Strategy is AWESOME! Super knowledgeable, down to earth and funny. He made learning easy and let me know that it's normal not to get everything in one shot. That makes it a great place to learn.”

, June 2017

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