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Damontre 'Tre' Owens is a renaissance man who juggles careers running a successful business, managing his kids’ professional acting careers, active church ministry and coaching youth basketball as well as teaching. But he gives full focus to his students because he states, “I love Online Trading Academy’s dedication to the students by giving them quality instructors, resources and the lifetime commitment to educate them to become the best they can be.”

Tre had managed his own stock portfolio beginning in 2000, but became an active trader after coming to Online Trading Academy in Los Angeles in 2011. His energy, analogies and real life business experiences give his students a priceless perspective on trading and investing. He believes true prosperity is gauged by being a faithful and wise steward of family, knowledge, possessions and finances.

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  • Real Estate Investor
  • Started successful home services company in Baltimore in 2000; has run it remotely from Los Angeles since 2005


  • US Markets


  • Stocks


  • Mastermind Community Member
  • Online Trading Academy Platinum Passport holder
  • Married to high school sweetheart; father of five


  • California, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Tre is one of the best instructors that I have ever encountered. His perfect mix of the class material, levity, encouragement and real life examples really inspired me.”

, December 2016

“Wow, I wish I could have learned this as a kid. What a fantastic instructor Damontre (Tre) Owens is! Tre is everything John Henkel said he was. All the instructors at OTA make me want to be an instructor! The amount of knowledge I gained in Part 1 of Professional Trader is incredible. I am very much looking forward to Part 2 and learning a great deal more from Tre now, and in the future.”

, December 2016

“Tre was perfect and knowledgeable. Never impatient which was amazing as I am a dud on the computer.”

, December 2016

“Tre Owens is a terrific teacher. He uses very concrete real-world examples to explain trading principles that makes it easy to understand. And his sense of humor is so infectious that it keeps the whole class very lively -- we're having fun while we're learning!”

, November 2016

“Damontre Owens is an excellent instructor, super positive, energetic, patient and a trading coach. He has the interest of the student always in mind and repeats the concepts multiple times to help us to understand them.”

, October 2016

“Tre Owens is an Excellent instructor. He was boot camp, boot camp all the way. The drills made the difference for me...funny and educational...love Tre Owens.”

, September 2016
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