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Craig Weil's trading career began in 1974 as a Member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange, where he spent fifteen years before moving crosstown to the CME Group, where he spent another twenty years in the Futures trading pits. As a result, Craig's experience trading financial futures, equities, equity options, currencies, and agricultural futures is matched by few in the industry. His comprehensive trading career has prepared him to recognize trading opportunities in all global markets.  As a former radio show host, Craig gained insight through interviewing scores of industry leaders from all different areas of the financial community.  Craig says, "I am excited to be affiliated with Online Trading Academy. They have given me the opportunity to be an Instructor and share my lifelong career experiences with people from all corners of the world who have the same passion for the markets that I do.

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  • BA 1971, Tulane University
  • Trader's Talk Live Radio Show Host
  • Member Chicago Board Options Exchange 1974-1989
  • Chicago Board of Trade 14 years
  • Member Chicago Mercantile Exchange 1989-2009


  • US Markets


  • Futures
  • Graduate Programs
  • Stocks


  • Registered Investment Advisor
  • Guest on various Chicago Media Programs
  • Head of CB Financial LLC
  • CES Certified
  • Power Trading Radio guest
  • Numerous articles published for The Options Insider
  • DVD "Trading Discipline: Secrets of a Professional Trader"


Illinois, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Loved him and would really like to see him again. Pace and everything was good and he made sure we all understood regardless, so I really liked that about him. Great guy, great teacher.”

, May 2017

“It is a great educational program and it opens up a completely different window of opportunities. This is the second time I have had Craig Weil as an instructor and I enjoyed it 100%. He is very knowledgeable, experienced, and presents the info in a way acceptable by everyone. I intentionally wanted to take Futures class with Craig Weil and I am very pleased”

, April 2017

“Thanks to the instructor, Craig Weil, for an excellent class. He was very respectful of all students, addressed all questions and has a style that is very pleasant and "comfortable". I learned so much and am enthusiastic in going forward! Recommend his class for all students!”

, April 2017

“Craig's method of teaching this course is very hands on and efficient. I learned a lot from him. I really appreciate his "extra ideas" and tips. He is very much in the details of the trade, and this is important for a new trader. Teaches you to think and look at all possibilities when making a chart analysis and trading. Lots of additional information too that wasn't contained in the book. Very satisfied. This will definitively help me in my trading.”

, April 2017

“Instructor Craig Weil is "brilliant". Very knowledgeable and always willing to stop and answer questions. Have heard and learned so much. Now to put into practice, practice. Thank You Craig”

, April 2017

“Craig Weil is an excellent instructor. Not only does he have a tremendous grasp of the knowledge and skills required, it's obvious he loves what he does.”

, April 2017

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