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Clifton Miller became interested in trading as a student at Georgia State University, where he was exposed to a curriculum including the derivatives markets and the trading strategies used by hedge funds and investment banks. His research led him to Online Trading Academy, where he became a student in 2010 and an Instructor in 2015.

After completing his Pro Trader class, Clifton gravitated to the Forex markets and also worked in Student Support at the Atlanta campus. His advanced knowledge and experience and his ability to solve problems one-on-one are now available to his students.

Clifton loves teaching in an environment where instructors, Education Counselors and support staff work together to help students achieve their goals, as students from diverse backgrounds learn how to successfully trade the financial markets.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Georgia State University


  • US Markets


  • Forex


  • Student Support, Online Trading Academy Atlanta
  • Volunteered as head coach of an 8th grade boys basketball team; team won regional championship 2 out of 3 years


  • Georgia, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Overall the class was very good, Cliff was an excellent teacher- I heard that many times throughout the week from my peers who were taking the class with me. Cliff was engaging, thorough and informative on how to answer questions from novice traders like me. He was patient and he used some of his own experiences to ease some of the tension we sometimes feel when it seems over-whelming.”

, December 2016

“Clifton was great. His experience and knowledge came through loud and clear and his desire that everyone grasped what he was teaching was evident. Thoroughly enjoyed spending the time with him. Lots of one on one help during trading time.”

, December 2016

“Cliff definitely showed that he knew and believed in what he was teaching. He was clearly passionate about the potential in trading the markets and controlling your own finances. It was easy to see that he really wants to see success out of his students, and that he will be there to help along the way. The overall positive atmosphere and excitement from the teachers definitely eases the stress from lack of full understanding for the students.”

, December 2016

“The instructor demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the asset class and was able to support the class material with actual examples to be observed by the class. The material was very well presented and allowed for an easy overall atmosphere that was an easy learning environment.”

, October 2016

“I really enjoyed having Clifton as my instructor. I am VERY inexperienced and often hesitant to ask questions. I felt at ease with him. I felt like he was very accessible and not at all judgmental.”

, September 2016

“Clifton seemed very knowledgeable about forex. If there was something that he didn't know he acknowledged that and referred you to someone that could. Very admirable.”

, September 2016
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