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Brock Pierce understands the importance of teamwork as a former college quarterback, and more recently as student support manager of Online Trading Academy in Dallas for over 2 years. He feels that everybody comes out a winner when students and instructors work together and traders share insights to achieve their mutual goals.

Although he is new to teaching, Brock has been trading since 2006 with futures his primary vehicle. He has completed the Professional Trader, XLT Stocks and Futures courses at Online Trading Academy, giving him an intimate knowledge of the opportunities waiting for his students.

Students who take classes with Brock can expect an enthusiastic mentor and an excellent listener. He is especially eager to help those new to self-directed investing and trading as they overcome first-time jitters and find their way to trading success.


  • Bachelor’s degree, Business Marketing, Abilene Christian University
  • Student Support Manager, Online Trading Academy


  • US Markets


  • Futures
  • Stocks


  • Coordinates Elite Trader Meetings, Online Trading Academy Dallas


  • Texas, USA

What Students Are Saying

“The class was very enjoyable. It was taught in a very professional manner, but yet easy to follow and interesting. Thorough explanations and real world examples are very helpful. Brock's knowledge of the material is excellent. His presentation style is professional, but enjoyable at the same time. Really enjoyed his class.”

, January 2017

“I had absolutely no knowledge and never had any experience in the world of trading. I honestly felt a little nervous coming into the academy and starting classes because I thought I would be so lost. After attending ProTrader 1, and then especially taking ProTrader 2, I am now coming out of the class totally renewed and much, much more confident than I had expected. Brock Pierce, our instructor was so amazing! So helpful and so very detailed in teaching us and answering all of our questions. He was essential to me being confident and expanding my knowledge in trading. I truly enjoyed the program and am excited to continue being and learning in the academy.”

, November 2016

“Learning to read the charts has become much clearer after taking the Pro Trader class. I feel more confident in making the right decisions to make quality trades. Brock is excellent! He has simplified the process and is very patient and encouraging. I would highly recommend taking any class he is teaching.”

, November 2016

“Online Trading Academy is the place to gain the knowledge and skills for someone truly interested in trading. Brock Pierce is very good. His teaching style is very relatable since he was an OTA student too. He can sympathize with our concerns about being overwhelmed and anxious. He presents the material in a clear and concise manner. He takes the time to ensure we ALL follow along. If he sees us not catching on, he will go over the material again. I am very glad to have done this retake with him as the instructor.”

, November 2016

“Brock Pierce is very personable and approachable with questions. He spoke of his experiences and made it "real" for us. I could see clearly that the group was responding comfortably to his teaching. He kept the pace moving within the comfort tolerance of the students. We felt comfortable asking questions and responding to his review questions.”

, November 2016

“Brock was a very solid instructor. He took the time to address each student's questions and made sure that we all had an understanding of the lessons as we moved through them. He gave analogies that created very visual explanations for me.”

, September 2016
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