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Brock Pierce understands the importance of teamwork as a former college quarterback, and more recently as student support manager of Online Trading Academy in Dallas for over 2 years. He feels that everybody comes out a winner when students and instructors work together and traders share insights to achieve their mutual goals.

Although he is new to teaching, Brock has been trading since 2006 with futures his primary vehicle. He has completed the Professional Trader, XLT Stocks and Futures courses at Online Trading Academy, giving him an intimate knowledge of the opportunities waiting for his students.

Students who take classes with Brock can expect an enthusiastic mentor and an excellent listener. He is especially eager to help those new to self-directed investing and trading as they overcome first-time jitters and find their way to trading success.


  • Bachelor’s degree, Business Marketing, Abilene Christian University
  • Student Support Manager, Online Trading Academy


  • US Markets


  • Futures
  • Stocks


  • Coordinates Elite Trader Meetings, Online Trading Academy Dallas


Texas, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Brock is very engaging and always holds attention of all students. He shows everything to students on the effective discipline that all the traders acquire. He also has an incredible, thorough knowledge. Very awesome instructor.”

, April 2017

“Brock did a fabulous job. The market was volatile so he helped us find many opportunities to trade!! It was a GREAT experience. Thanks, Brock.”

, April 2017

“Brock is an experienced trader and taught us from his experience, not book knowledge. His teaching style is hands on training. Kept to the subject and not going off on tangents.”

, March 2017

“The instructor was very knowledgeable of the subject matter and handled the class well. He was patient with students' questions and misunderstandings; this aspect is very important, for an impatient teacher would intimidate students and impact learning. Good teacher.”

, February 2017

“Brock is very energetic and enthusiastic to the realities of markets and makes students work to master the fundamentals (like contract size, tick value, cost, expiration, front and back months, volatility, roll over, etc.) of futures. Patient enough to teach sizing, zoning, Set ups, stop management, logging, PnL management. Approach is methodical and keeps students free of fear.”

, January 2017

“Brock did a great job. He took plenty of time to explain the material contained within the curriculum. He expounded on thoughts and ideas outside of the curriculum only when it made sense to do so. Brock was very patient with the students and gave excellent instructions during the course of the class to ensure that everyone was doing exactly what they should. Brock seems to genuinely care (along with all of the other OTA instructors and staff) about the overall success of those whom he is teaching. I am pleased with my results and the knowledge gained during my week of the Professional Trader class, and I look forward to employing the knowledge and techniques learned in the class to begin trading.”

, January 2017

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