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Bob Dunn began his career investing in the stock market in 1974, trading his own account primarily based on technical analysis. He began trading commodity futures exclusively in 1980 and has been a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange since then. Bob was also the author of the newsletter "The Market Guru," providing trading recommendations on all the major currencies and interest rate futures.

During the course of Bob's career, his expertise as a technical analyst has been instrumental in his success.  In 1999, Bob began trading the Dow Futures and the Ten Year Notes. Bob still trades in addition to his Instructor responsibilities at Online Trading Academy, where he is fulfilling his longtime ambition to teach positive trading strategies to aspiring investors.

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  • Former Publisher of "The Market Guru" newsletter


  • US Markets


  • Commodities
  • Futures
  • Stocks


  • Member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange
  • CFTC certification
  • Power Trading Radio guest


  • Illinois, USA

What Students Are Saying

“When Bob Dunn started the class... he stated the he was going to make learning how to trade seem easy... And that's what he did!!! I had a memorable experience.”

, February 2014

“Bob is super interesting and outstanding at our futures trading class. He makes trading come alive and well under control.”

, February 2014

“Bob Dunn pulls no punches when discussing how to take money out of the market. He continually demonstrated every day how to cut losses and let winners run. I am confident that I will go from a moderately successful trader to a fantastically successful one. I will sleep better at night, also.”

, January 2014

“Bob Dunn is a true maverick in the trading world. He brings hands on experience to his class and instills his trading skills in his students. ”

, January 2014

“Bob is unique! Never miss anything he teaches!”

, December 2013

“Bob Dunn is a great instructor. He kept me on the edge of my seat the whole week. His experience on the floor in CME gave me an insight to how the markets really work. His strategies are easy to follow and very profitable.”

, December 2013
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