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Bob Dunn is the only Online Trading Academy Instructor who was formerly a professional race car driver. He attended college on a hockey scholarship and has built high performance engines for a living. But when it comes to trading, this need for speed translates to a healthy respect for a disciplined approach to reading the markets.

Bob has been trading interest rate futures since 1980 and this is still one of his favorite market plays. Online Trading Academy’s supply and demand strategy allows him to find low-risk, high-potential trades regardless of what the overall market is doing.

Bob is an active member of Power Trader Nation, where he often shares his trading ideas. Students in his classes can expect an instructor who will let them go as fast as they want, yet isn’t afraid to put on the brakes and remind them of the core strategy that helps ensure their trading success.

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  • Graduated from Northeastern University 
  • Trading since 1980 
  • Member, Business Conduct Committee, CME 
  • Member, Floor Practices Committee, CME


  • US Markets


  • Futures


  • Former holder of Series 3 license 
  • CNBC contributor and speaker 
  • Wrote MarketGuru newsletter for 10 years


  • Illinois, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Bob Dunn is an exceptional mentor who brings decades of real world floor trading experience to the table. He has a funny way of conveying the subject to the students. While I'm comfortable with the OTA Core Strategy (SZ/DZ), Bob has taught us an entirely new dimension in taking the trades. Bob's class is a must have for all OTA Futures students, once you take Bob's class you will not be sitting and waiting for the price to hit the zone. I'm very comfortable with his charting/patterns technique and I'm glad that his technique matches my personality/trading plan. I'm glad to have attended his class and I'm looking forward to doing this again.”

, November 2016

“Bob teaches this class with humility and kindness but underneath you can tell he is a very successful trader. He helped me gain confidence and knowledge and because I was relaxed everything clicked into place and I did very well. I am truly grateful and feel very fortunate that I had Bob as an instructor.”

, October 2016

“I've been to a couple different Futures classes, watched "Hours with the Pros", attended Mastermind sessions, read just about everything else OTA puts out, and watched endless XLTs. Nothing compares to the education I got this week. Bob Dunn is a treasure. Maybe his techniques match my personality and goals more closely than anyone, but wow. Maybe that helped with the connection. But he helped bring everything into focus for me after years of struggling. I hope he remains with OTA forever.”

, October 2016

“One of the best Futures classes you will ever take. Bob Dunn is an OTA treasure. A superstar! All of my OTA teachers have been great, but Bob Dunn stands apart even in that lofty constellation. Amazing ability to communicate and simplify complex material clearly. Has increased my understanding and confidence tremendously.”

, October 2016

“Bob's ability to truly stress the core importance of OTA's core strategy & a trader's discipline is amazing. His delivery of the material together with his 30 yrs. of trading experience is truly eye opening. Without a doubt, anyone having attended his class will benefit immensely.”

, September 2016

“I loved Bob Dunn's class! He takes core strategy and translates that to movements in the higher timeframes and finding ways to take minimal risk and maximize profits. Bob is simply "The Man"! Thanks Bob and OTA!”

, September 2016
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