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Bill Henner is a third generation Chicago futures trader. He spent over 25 years on the trading floors of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade. Bill has traded foreign currencies, metals, interest rates, and equity index futures over the course of his career. He has developed strong, ongoing relationships with traders, institutional managers and other key market participants.

Bill has dedicated himself to being a life-long student of markets, technical analysis and market psychology. This dedication has taught Bill to understand the “inner game” of trading, as well as the “outer game” of macro trend analysis. As an Online Trading Academy Instructor, he brings a unique “from the trading floor” perspective to his teaching. His vast experience allows him to use real life trading situations to illustrate and emphasize the topics being covered.

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  • Graduate of Stanford University
  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange
  • Chicago Board of Trade


  • US Markets


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  • Futures
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  • Stocks


  • CES Certified
  • Power Trading Radio guest
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Illinois, USA

What Students Are Saying

“If you get a chance to take the course from Bill Henner, do it!! He is very knowledgeable with a lifetime of trading experience. He loves trading and loves to teach. He sets an exciting pace with plenty of room for questions, demonstrations, etc.”

, June 2017

“Bill Henner brings decades of experience to the class, and his personal attention to student questions and issues brings the whole class to a point of better understanding”

, May 2017

“I am truly excited about the possibility of using the SUPPLY AND DEMAND concepts to build WEALTH. Bill was very organized. He took time to work with each student, he was very detailed and he provided every student with the opportunity to keep pace with the class.”

, April 2017

“Knowledgeable, respectful, helpful and sincere are the best words for describing Bill Henner. He has me fired up to become the best trader I can be and I am very grateful for the experience.”

, March 2017

“Bill is awesome. He made it easy to understand. It works.”

, February 2017

“Instructor, Bill Henner, was very patient and interested in making sure students were understanding the things that he was teaching.”

, February 2017

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