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Bill Henner is a third generation Chicago futures trader. He spent over 25 years on the trading floors of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade. Bill has traded foreign currencies, metals, interest rates, and equity index futures over the course of his career. He has developed strong, ongoing relationships with traders, institutional managers and other key market participants.

Bill has dedicated himself to being a life-long student of markets, technical analysis and market psychology. This dedication has taught Bill to understand the “inner game” of trading, as well as the “outer game” of macro trend analysis. As an Online Trading Academy Instructor, he brings a unique “from the trading floor” perspective to his teaching. His vast experience allows him to use real life trading situations to illustrate and emphasize the topics being covered.

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  • Graduate of Stanford University
  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange
  • Chicago Board of Trade


  • US Markets


  • Forex
  • Futures
  • Graduate Programs
  • Stocks


  • CES Certified
  • Power Trading Radio guest
  • Hour with the Pros


  • Illinois, USA

What Students Are Saying

“I had a great learning experience at The Online Trading Academy. They teach a lot of valuable information in a very short amount of time. Bill Henner is a fantastic instructor able to explain the fundamentals of trading so everyone will understand.”

, August 2016

“Bill is great. Extremely knowledgeable about trading. Very patient, always happy to answer your questions and stick with you when having problems. You can tell he is very knowledgeable in the world of trading.”

, August 2016

“Bill Henner delivered a fresh perspective on the course materials, with timely approaches in entering and leaving a trade which will prove helpful to me in strengthening my knowledge of how to properly trade, which will translate into more profitable trades.”

, August 2016

“Bill is a great teacher. A great learning environment. Knowing he was on the trading floor makes all the difference. Loved his spirit of teaching and his desire to educate his students with the knowledge that he does care about our success to make money and be truly educated about the basics of core strategies, and to always, always implement them. Reminds me of my football coach who always said, know the basics of your position and stick to them and you'll be a winner. Thank You.”

, August 2016

“The Instructor is very knowledgeable and has a unique style of teaching the materials that makes it so simple to comprehend. If I have to attend the class again I would prefer to be in his class.”

, July 2016

“Bill Henner was an extremely efficient instructor. His calm demeanor was a big plus and his vast experience allowed for easy, often humorous analogies and simple interpretations. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and gained tremendous insight into this new and previously unfamiliar marketing endeavor. I believe that I will have to attend again at some point and would really enjoy a second go around.”

, July 2016
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