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Alex Perna became interested in trading as an economics student in college. After finding Online Trading Academy, he knew what he wanted to do and how he was going to do it. With the knowledge he gained as an Online Trading Academy student, Alex started to trade the Forex market using strictly the core methodology of Supply and Demand.

He was taught the importance of risk management, position sizing and psychology early in his trading career, so when he teaches a class he stresses the importance of these disciplines. Psychology of trading is taught every day in Alex's class, along with drills and techniques to keep the trader disciplined and consistent.

Alex is proud to be an Instructor for Online Trading Academy because of its dedication to students. He says, "I love the community OTA creates to help support it's students. With the love and passion each instructor brings to this community, learning is fun and the drive to accomplish very strong."

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  • US Markets


  • Forex
  • Wealth Management


  • Online Trading Academy Graduate
  • Crossfit


  • Florida, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Trading in financial markets for people getting into it, for most, has proven to be very risky and complicated with lots of misinformation confusing people yielding poor result. But this and the other classes, and all the surrounding supports, cuts through like a laser and helps you hit the targets of success; that is, if you are willing to be disciplined to learn and create your version faithful to the process created by top pros.”

, January 2017

“Enjoyed Alex's instruction. I am impressed by his dedication and patience to over and over again go through the material for us. I like the way that Alex stayed with the book, because it is easier to follow and to go back over the material later.”

, January 2017

“I wish I had taken this class 20 years ago! Alex Perna is an outstanding instructor. Knowledgeable, patient, and a pleasant personality. He is also the first OTA instructor that I have had that followed the course manual in the correct sequence, rather than jumping back and forth as the other instructors have done. This helped to make the material (which can be quite overwhelming for a novice Investor) much easier to comprehend.”

, January 2017

“Patience of a Saint. Wish I was his age and knew half of what he knows. Brilliantly pleasant, and gifted young man. Will take any class he teaches. Please recommend him for the Forex.”

, January 2017

“The instructor was perfect; very knowledgeable and very polite, very professional appearance, very skillful in his delivery, just the right pace of the class. He kept control of the class all the time, and we maximized the usage of time and resources.”

, January 2017

“Alex made the course a wonderful experience. He was really helpful in bringing all the content of the Pro Trader back to my mind and putting it together as a tool for my work. Thanks, Alex! Great having had you in our Course!”

, November 2016
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