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Alex Perna became interested in trading as an economics student in college. After finding Online Trading Academy, he knew what he wanted to do and how he was going to do it. With the knowledge he gained as an Online Trading Academy student, Alex started to trade the Forex market using strictly the core methodology of Supply and Demand.

He was taught the importance of risk management, position sizing and psychology early in his trading career, so when he teaches a class he stresses the importance of these disciplines. Psychology of trading is taught every day in Alex's class, along with drills and techniques to keep the trader disciplined and consistent.

Alex is proud to be an Instructor for Online Trading Academy because of its dedication to students. He says, "I love the community OTA creates to help support it's students. With the love and passion each instructor brings to this community, learning is fun and the drive to accomplish very strong."

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Florida, USA

What Students Are Saying

“The way Alex presented the Forex markets was very informative. His approach to his daily analysis was very mechanical and straight forward. Alex's knowledge and willingness to share his approach will be a huge benefit to my own trading progression! Alex has great teaching skills, his ability to connect with his students was really amazing. I would recommend Alex to anyone looking to learn about trading Forex.”

, May 2017

“Alex has outstanding knowledge of Forex, presentation skills and time management. He covered the basic information and added some additional information that was very helpful. Alex is an excellent instructor.”

, May 2017

“Alex was a great teacher for the Proactive Investor. He was very systematic at going through the steps to create and maintain your own Portfolio for your Retirement account. He also kept the class interesting with his wit and humor. I feel equipped with the basics to begin to successfully manage my retirement account knowing that further help is available in the XLT learning component.”

, April 2017

“Great teacher who knows his stuff and applied it so students can become confident and move on in their process for success. Showed and presented his work with confidence, giving me more confidence from the first day; ending feeling very eager to move on.”

, April 2017

“Alex rocks! At my age it is extremely rare to find someone who can teach me something that I can digest without wondering if they were born on this planet. Alex may be 40 years younger than me, but he treated all of us well and explained what he knew such that we could all absorb it. I have been a teacher since 1968 and appreciate the skill, tact and talent required.”

, April 2017

“Alex was incredible. Many of the students came in from other parts of the country because Alex was teaching. I too will be looking for Alex in the future. Alex showed us so many nuances that I had never heard of and never thought of on my own. They solved many of my trading issues immediately. The volume of information was overwhelming but so invaluable. The best part about this education is that it never ends. There is more content to view and so many Forex XLTs and Hour with the Pros; you could never review it all. When you join OTA, you're in it for life.”

, March 2017

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