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Ajit Mahuli was trained as an IT professional and traveled the world doing product consulting. His methodical approach prepared him well for trading and investing, yet when he started trading he was a complete novice. After his broker caused large losses he decided he had to learn how to self-direct his portfolio and that was when he discovered Online Trading Academy.

As an Online Trading Academy Instructor, Ajit has faced many of the same problems and gone through the same training as his students. He has completed Pro Trader and Options Trader courses and was a student in the Stock and Options XLTs before becoming a teacher.

Ajit prefers trading high probability setups using equity indices, stocks futures and options. He plans trades in advance and follows his plan and rules. He emphasizes that trading is actually simple if you follow the rules and are disciplined. His focus is on managing risk and “not blowing away your trading capital.”


  • Bachelor of Engineering, University of Karnataka, India 
  • Project Management Professional (PMP), PMI Institute, U.S.
  • Program Manager and Java/J2EE Product Competency Lead, IBM India
  • Senior Manager, Product Services, Infosys
  • R&D Engineer, Force Motors


  • Indian Markets


  • Graduate Programs - India
  • Options
  • Stocks


  • Co–Founder and Partner at Tamarind Technologies Pvt Ltd, a boutique IT platform services company focusing on Demand Forecasting and Planning


Pune, India

What Students Are Saying

“Ajit Mahuli is the Best Trainer of OTA. He is totally passionate about teaching and gives 100 percent to every student.”

, April 2017

“I have been tracking/trading for over 10 years, never made real good money. However, the education that I got from this class helped me realized that I could have achieved more. This also set a stage for me to begin my life as a professional trader. I liked Ajit Mahuli's way of teaching the training sessions starting from the basics, with examples, answering all the questions patiently and guiding through the trading exercises during live market session.”

, April 2017

“EXCELLENT!! Great knowledge and teaching skills, but the best part is the attitude and temperament... thoroughly enjoyed and was looking forward to every day of the course in spite of being fagged out towards the end of the day! Every query has been answered to my satisfaction and sometimes much before the actual question ran through my mind. My Instructor has used the simplest language possible to even make a lay person understand the complex topics on Trading. Excellent Patience and Temperament!!”

, March 2017

“He has been great and has taught us in a really nice way. All the concepts have been cleared to the core and he has provided us with all the necessary things required to kickstart our trading career in the best way possible. Looking forward to attending his class again in a different course.”

, March 2017

“Mr. Ajit Mahuli is an excellent instructor. He has the requisite knowledge and even better art of imparting that instruction. He has the ability to gauge the doubts of the students and get to the level to make the student understand the basics. Has the ability to carry the class along with him. He is an excellent asset to OTA.”

, March 2017

“Ajit Sir is really fantastic. Amazing command on the topic. Makes things very, very clear to new students as well and answers to all the questions with the rationale in it. Thank you Ajit sir. We will keep on interacting frequently during our Options XLT class as well.”

, February 2017

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